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1976: Eleni Raxevsky and George Mourtzouchos founded the company under the corporate name Helen's Club S.A. Since the establishment of the company, particular emphasis was placed on exports to countries such as France, Austria, Holland, Spain and Sweden. The company also exported to the USA and Canada.

1982: The company makes the strategic decision to expand to the retail market by opening 2 RAXEVSKY stores at the heart of Athens, one at Kolonaki and one on Patision street. 

1983-1990: The company expands by opening 7 new stores in Athens.

1990-1999: The expansion continues with company owned and franchise stores in all Greek big cities.
1999: The company decides to expand abroad, based on its success in Greece. The first stop is Sofia, Bulgaria, followed by Germany, Romania and Cyprus. 

2004: The "The RAXEVSKY Woman" becomes the company's communication strategy. The company name and clothing style are closely linked to a particular famous Greek woman whose personality and style match the RAXEVSKY philosophy. Each season advertising campaign follows the concept: "Fashion is a journey and each collection... a new destination", with the shootings of each collection at different cultures and places of natural beauty all around the world that match the distinct style of each season. 

2006: The company begins its cooperation with "RAXEVSKY Woman" Zeta Makrypoulia. At the same time, it changes and refreshes its image. The RAXEVSKY Woman is modern, she has character, she is independent, she believes in fundamental values, follows fashion trends but wants them adjusted to her personal style, appreciates quality but at a logical price, loves to be well-dressed any time of day. 

Today: 55 Raxevsky stores operate in Greece and abroad. The company has 290 employees in Greece and in the rest of Europe.